One thing that sets vintage wedding dresses apart from the others, is the quality and cut. You will find many original 20’s -40’s dresses, and many inspired by those eras, will be very simple in construction. Not much corsetry, intricate beading or embellishments, however they will be made of great quality material, cut and finished beautifully. I’ve found many gowns which are so simple, yet absolutely breath-taking.

My favourite out of our collection is this¬†Original 1930’s Liquid Silk Satin Gown with Small Train and button detailing.


It is cut on the bias, and so although simple in construction, flows beautifully down the body, hugging the figure in the most beautiful and flattering way. I love the gorgeous shade of champagne, which warms even the palest of skintones. Pure silver screen effortless glamour! x