Planning your perfect wedding…whilst still keeping your arm & your leg! : The Dress

So for those of you who know me or follow this blog, I am getting married in March 2014, a mere 5ish months away. I bet you’re thinking that I’ve got it all planned out to a T. ‘She’s in the wedding industry, She’ll know what she’s doing’ that’s what you’re thinking right? Well, not quite. So I thought I’d use my blog posts as a sort of diary/therapy of getting it all sorted – on a budget.

Post 1 : The Dress

Now, being a dress designer & boutique owner, I do have a slight advantage on this one. I know my body type, I know how to create dresses that suit it, and that really is half of the battle.

I’m a busty, UK size 14. I have a bum, I have hips and I definitely have breasts. I’m not short on curves, and I want a dress that will highlight them, but not cling so I feel uncomfortable. And most importantly will make me feel amazing.  I meet so many brides with similar figures to myself who describe their previous experiences in bridal shops, and this is the most common exclamation I hear : “Everyone wants to put me in a bustier, princess dress!”

I feel your pain so much on this one, and I really don’t know why this happens so often. But I would like to say once and for all : “Calling all bridal boutiques, PLEASE stop putting ladies with beautiful curves in princess dresses! They already have gorgeous, curvy figures, and therefore you don’t need to create them with fabric!”

For me, an elegant gown is perfect for this kind of figure, preferably V-necked, empire-lined, in lace or chiffon, as this kind of fabric flows down the body beautifully, doesn’t cling and shows off your figure in the best way.

I’d definitely advise going into a bridal shop or talking to someone on the phone first, describe your figure and ask what kind of dress they would put you in. Someone who has a good understanding of dress construction & form should not find this taxing, and go from there.

I bet you’re also thinking, 5 Months away, you might be starting on the diet round about now to fit into that dress! Well, I’m sat here currently eating cheese.  Now don’t get me wrong, everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, and I’m definitely planning to tone up a little for the big day, and I’m making an effort to eat more healthily. However, I know what I am and I know what I’m not.

So my advice would be to be to have your dress made to fit you, don’t alter yourself too much to fit the dress. As long as you are exercising regularly, generally being healthy or following a healthy diet plan,  then that’s great. That way, you’ll be happy and relaxed on your day, not stressed and starved!

And if you want a bespoke dress, made just to suit you, come and visit me 🙂 ( Had to get a plug in there somewhere 😉 )


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