Hi from Cotswold Vintage Bridal


Hi all, and welcome to the first post from Cotswold Vintage Bridal! So, by way of an introduction, here’s a few things about me. I’m a former journalist, who now lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, in the lovely town of Cheltenham.

I am a bride-to-be, who recently with the help of my fiancé, launched a bridal boutique – Cotswold Vintage Bridal, which as you might guess, specialises in original vintage and vintage inspired wedding dresses… and I LOVE it! I love all things vintage, a passion which started as a child watching glamourous stars of the silver screen, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, and reading the about the age of opulence through authors such as Agatha Christie. This obsession with timeless elegance has only grown with age.

So the jump from journalism to bridal couture seems like quite a step doesn’t it? So why did I decide to do it? Like most ladies out there, I’ve always had a passion for fashion… particularly with the high-end stuff that I REALLY can’t afford (but my credit card can 😉 ) I have one or two Mulberry bags that I shouldn’t have purchased… But it was an investment… right?! I believe it is true, you buy cheap, you buy twice.

However, that’s not really what it’s about. Fashion is not about utility or practicality,  it’s about falling in love.  And that’s where this all began. I wanted to find a wedding dress that I would fall instantly in love with (just like I did with my fiancé 😉 ) .  I wanted, just for a day,  to be THAT girl. That effortlessly chic and elegant girl that you see in old movies, on billboards and read about in books.

However, after months of searching I found nothing that made me feel like that. There were one or two passing fancies, but not THE ONE. I also found that, unless you are able to pay high end, mega-buck prices, the selection was a little limiting…. The inspiration for most dresses I came upon seemed to be more Jordan, Gypsy, Cup-Cake than Grace Kelly. I was looking for simple, elegant, classic but most of all unique.

So, I started to look around for original vintage and vintage inspired gowns. Though it took a lot of time, effort & research, I discovered some absolutely gorgeous pieces. As it turned out, I hadn’t just found THE ONE, I’d found 50! That’s when I thought “There must be other brides like me, who want something different, but don’t know where to find it. Maybe I can help them”

And here we are today. Thanks to masses of help & input from my gorgeous fiancé. As well as much support from family and friends, we have http://www.cotswoldvintagebridal.com 🙂 So, if you are a bride-to-be like me, and you want something chic, elegant and timeless, without the high-end price tag,  then come and see us, we’ll be only too happy to make your dreams come true!

Follow this blog if you want hints and tips on vintage weddings, and sneak previews of our stunning bridal couture range x

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